• Frontend development

    Javascript, jQuery, ReactJS, Redux, HTML5, Bootstrap

  • Backend development

    PHP, Laravel, Node.js, Elasticsearch, MySQL, SQLite

  • Translation

    SDL Trados, German, Slovenian, Spanish


Bojan Bedrač

Bojan is a passionate web developer living in Vienna with a special focus on quality, innovation and optimization. In his previous positions he developed many algorithms that directly saved time and money while giving the companies/organizations a competitive edge. He loves automation, process optimization and tackling difficult problems that others deem unsolvable.

Polona Bedrač

Polona is a very focused and detail oriented translator and organizer. Her experience ranges from translating, managing translation projects, office organization and many more. She approaches every task with due diligence and delivers quick and efficient results. She loves identifying wasteful processes and comes up with incredible and simple improvements.


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